Round 2 – COVID-19 Supplemental Payment Request Instructions

Pursuant to HUD Notice H 20-11, dated November 24, 2020, NHC has been assigned by HUD to process COVID-19 Supplemental Payment Requests (CSP Requests) – Round 2.  Below are instructions on how to submit your CSP Requests to NHC to ensure timely processing.  Additional information to assist you with completing your CSP Requests, to include eligible period and expenses, has been posted on our website: – News and Updates, including a copy of the CSP-Request-Form 52671-E and the Notice H-2020-11.    n nSend your CSP Request no earlier than Friday, December 4, 2020 for proper processing.  CSP Requests are due by December 11, 2020.n nYour Tier 1 or Tier 2 CSP Request should be emailed to  If eligible, an Owner can submit one CSP Request form for each operating period identified on the form or combined periods on a single form, for Tier 1 Request only. When emailing your CSP Request, please use the following subject line and file naming convention to assist us in the appropriate identification and routing of your request – one request per email.  Documentation to support a Tier 2 Requests should be included in the same email as a separate PDF attachment and named in the manner shown below.  Our system allows up to 30MB of information.  n nE-Mail Subject Line:  Contract Number – onlynFile Name for HUD form 52671-E:  Contract Number_Tier 1 or Contract Number_Tier 2 nFile Name for Support Documentation – Tier 2 only:  Contract Number_Tier 2_Invoicesn nIMPORTANT NOTE:  “Tips for Completing HUD Form 52671-e.”  These instructions are very helpful and important in completing the CSP Request form.  Points to emphasize include:n nn n Two distinct operating periods:  3/27 – 7/31/20 and 8/1 – 11/30/20; n n n Complete the form as instructed, to include a correct Assistance Contract Number;  n n n To the extent possible, submit your request on the fillable PDF format.  If your system does not allow you to sign in PDF format,  you can submit your format on a scanned PDF format.  However, you must also include a completed fillable PDF format without the Owner’s signature so that NHC can e-sign the form and forward to HUD in fillable PDF format; n n n CSP Request forms must be signed by the Owner or as authorized (on file) by the Owner;n n n For Tier 2 Requests, supporting documentation must be clear, concise and orderly, i.e. clearly labeled by CSP form line-item. n nn nNHC’s role is to review each request and ensure that it is accurate and complete.  Therefore for Tier 1 Requests,  you only need to submit a completed HUD Form 52671-E:  Property/Owner Information, Part I, II (if applicable), Part III, and Part V, sign and date.  For Tier 2 Requests, you must submit HUD form 52671-E, complete Property/Owner Information, Parts I, II (if applicable), III, IV and V; sign and date; AND submit documentation to support eligible expenses in Part IV.   n nRequests that are incomplete, inaccurate or lack proper documentation will be returned for correction.  We ask in these cases, if any, that you respond back with the requested information within 2 business days to ensure timely processing.  n nOnce the CSP Request has been reviewed and approved, NHC will send you a verification email with a copy of the approved CSP Request.   You should receive your payment from NHC, separate from your monthly Voucher Payment, on or after February 1, 2021, although payment schedule is ultimately determined by HUD.  Thank you for your cooperation and we look forward to once again providing you these additional CARES funds during our nation’s current pandemic circumstances.  n nnGEORGIA Properties only – For those of you who submitted a CSP Request during the Round 1, payment is still pending funding approval from HUD.  NHC processed and approved all CSP Requests received during this funding round; therefore, do not submit reimbursement for any expenses incurred between March 27, 2020 and July 31, 2020.  However, if you need to verify any matters related to Round 1 CSP Requests or questions related to Round 2, please contact Jeff Wirrick directly.  Thank you.