Stop Pests Webinar: Integrated Pest Management

Multifamily housing owners and management agents are invited to register for the free Stop Pests webinar on Wednesday, Nov. 14 from 1-2:30 p.m. EST.  Click here to register.nnThree doctors from the Arizona Pest Management Center, University of Arizona – Dawn H. Gouge, Ph.D.; Shujuan (Lucy) Li, Ph.D.; and Shakunthala (Shaku) Nair, Ph.D. – describe efforts to implement an integrated pest management program in HUD subsidized multiunit properties that house low-income older adults and persons with disabilities.  Results over 2.8 years, across 5 buildings, showed significant reduction of German cockroaches and bed bugs.  Averaging reductions across all sites, there was an 87{702b1bfd3fca8adb5d701d518597787f476258323f3a38e5dba1f0e3529aa4aa} reduction in units with German cockroaches and an 93{702b1bfd3fca8adb5d701d518597787f476258323f3a38e5dba1f0e3529aa4aa} reduction in units with bed bugs. nnLearn how the team accomplished this with available pest management tools, regular inspections and monitoring and adopting strategies appropriate for residents and staff.  These tools can be applied to your housing site to achieve similar success.  Managing pests is not out of reach in elderly and disabled housing.  Pest management and housing professionals can tune in to find out how to duplicate this successful approach in their own buildings and developments.nVisit or contact for more information.